Bill Clinton's Life, Presidency and Legacy

This is more than a "Bill Clinton Fan Blog." I address all aspects of his career through original book reviews, interviews and news items. My goal is to help myself and other people better understand Bill Clinton's life, his presidency and his legacy. It's a hobby, but one that I pursue with journalistic integrity. [More About This Site...]

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Book Review: "First in His Class"


David Maraniss’ balanced study of Bill Clinton’s rise to the White House, published in 1995, offers the careful reader numerous insights into his tics and talents. From Clinton’s volatile childhood, stellar education and early political maneuvers, we see the evolution of one of this century’s great political talents. Young Bill Clinton is portrayed as always ambitious and always focused on a political career. He instinctively knows who to tie his star to and who to challenge. This doesn’t change as he makes his mark on Arkansas politics and builds momentum for his White House campaign. [Read the Review...]

Book Review: "Bill Clinton: An American Journey"


This heavy volume reads like a trashy tabloid from the first page to the last. [Currently Reading...]






Bill Clinton's Latest Book on Job Creation


This book is expected to be released in early November 2011. [More...]



Complete Listings of All Bill Clinton Books


I have searched Amazon and come up with a complete listing of all books by Bill Clinton, about him and related to his Presidency. [More...]


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